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I enjoy writing on topics of life, relationships, career, entertainment, stigmas, and pet peeves.

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7 Things That Would Make The World A Better Place

The idea that we could actually make the world a better place has become a romanticized thought that we don’t really see as possible.

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Who Says Words Are Cheap?

There’s just something about declaring positive things, it lifts us out of a place of despair and doubt.

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Move Aside Starbucks – This Coffee Shop Is Changing The World

Today we learned of a small coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado called Purple Door Coffee that is giving jobs to homeless youth, in hopes of helping them have a chance to change things.

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4 Very Common Labels We’re Just Not Feeling

Basically, when you use these labels in reference to the homeless community, you are using them completely wrong.

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We Should Probably Stop Instagramming This

There is a movement going around to humanize homelessness.

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9 Things Volunteers Should Stop Saying

One thing we should each fight to avoid is the hero complex.

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4 Reasons You Should Never Underestimate Yourself

Remember, you are your most important critic. If you can’t get yourself motivated, then how can you expect someone else to?

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Why We All Need To Pay Attention To Miley Cyrus Right Now

A speech that left jaws dropped, the last type of speech you would expect to hear in a room full of pop culture’s finest.

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How To React To Stereotypes

To everyone’s dismay there has come to exist these widely held, but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing, these are called “stereotypes”.

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Turns Out, We May Actually Want Pity After All

The word itself has come to have such a horrible stigma attached to it, when the true meaning of the word is actually a rather beautiful one.