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I enjoy writing on topics of life, relationships, career, entertainment, stigmas, and pet peeves.

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Featured what i didnt expect from watching 22wonder woman22 1 1 e1497565995440 article
Darling Magazine

What I Didn't Expect From Watching 'Wonder Woman'

On its opening weekend my husband and I went to the theaters to see “Wonder Woman.” We had heard good things and were excited to see the film for ourselves. The reviews were right — we loved the movie. But I also experienced something I wasn’t expecting at all.

Featured finding strength in weakness darling1 1300x867 article
Darling Magazine

What It Means to Find Strength in Weakness

Strength can be quiet not because you’re stoic, but because you’re thinking, empathizing and trying to repair a tough situation, not just endure it.

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Self-Care Tips During the Holidays

As you approach the holidays, be aware of your mental and emotional limits and needs. It's important to know your limits so that you don't overexert yourself and get burned out.

Featured personal questions darling 1300x867 article
Darling Magazine

How to Answer Those Questions You're Bound to Be Asked

Being home for the holidays can be a wonderful chance to catch up with family and old friends. But for a lot of people, it’s also a time when we’re expected to open up – maybe more than we really want to – to distant relatives whose well-meaning questions strike just the wrong nerve.

Screen shot 2017 03 15 at 11.23.01 am article

How a cat helped me realize that adopting children won't be easy

The way that my husband and I have chosen to have our children is a little different than the way that most people go about it. We don’t want to have any biological children. We only want to foster and adopt our children.

Unnamed 2 article

I embraced a natural makeup look and it turned out to be a really ...

But when I saw woman after woman on the streets of LA with flawless skin, stunning lipstick, and luscious, smoky eyeshadow, I got really self-conscious about how little makeup I was using. Was it enough? Should I be using more?

Enhanced buzz 11708 1382554920 8 article

Why Thanksgiving is the best holiday for nurturing your friendships

Thanksgiving is a holiday that, growing up, you probably spent with your family. Family time can be a wonderful thing, but for those of us who occasionally spend Thanksgiving Day avoiding our nosy aunt’s intrusive questions about our career and love life, a nontraditional Thanksgiving can be the perfect holiday.

Engage article

5 Tips Every Engaged Couple Needs to Know

Being engaged and planning a wedding can be very stressful on a couple, so stressful in fact that not all engaged couples make it to their wedding date with their relationship intact. This is a very sad truth, and it makes me want to do what I can to help couples in the engagement process! Here are some tips for navigating your engagement.

Featured breakup wisdom darling 1280x853 article
Darling Magazine

Dear Broken Heart, You Will Survive

There are no perfect guidelines to navigating the fallout from failed relationships. Relationships are a bunch of trial and error to begin with, so we shouldn’t expect them to be any easier when they end.

Game of thrones sansa stark article
Elite Daily

Assault Scenes On TV Need To Be Portrayed Differently

How many used them as a thrill, a plot point to draw viewers in that actually had nothing to do with understanding the real and very traumatic event? Only later do you realize there are actual people who’ve lived through similar events, and only once that happens does a sense of remorse wash over you for being entertained by it.

Featured ways to calm your nerves when interviewing for a job darling article
Darling Magazine

The Best Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before That Big Interview

Interviewing for a job has a way of setting your nerves on edge. It is, after all, a very vulnerable experience. You’re called in to sit before someone as they critically examine your work and character with off-the-cuff questions you have to give perfect answers to.

Featured how to make peace with others perception of you darling article
Darling Magazine

How to Make Peace With Others’ False Perception of You

After all, not everyone will like everyone. Just because someone doesn’t particularly like you on a personal level doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.

Meredith grey ellen pompeo greys anatomy season 11 time stops 700x525 article

What I learned about friendship and bravery when I re-watched Grey's Anatomy

Recently, I decided to go through the show again, and I was so surprised by how much more deeply it resonated with me the second time around — everything from Meredith’s struggle with her past, to her attempt to find her own identity, to the characters’ relationships.

800x400 joey and rachel friends article
Elite Daily

8 TV Friendships That Should Have Stayed Platonic

Television shows are full of quirky friendships that blossom into lasting relationships and prosperous marriages. But there are so many TV show friendships that tried on a “relationship” title and failed pretty hard.

Jimpam 700x525 article

Why talking to your partner about your exes can be a good thing

Sometimes you or your partner may need to understand certain details. Other times, it’s healthier just to remain in the dark.