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Leslie Tulip

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I enjoy writing on topics of life, relationships, career, entertainment, stigmas, and pet peeves.

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Game of thrones sansa stark article
Elite Daily

Assault Scenes On TV Need To Be Portrayed Differently

How many used them as a thrill, a plot point to draw viewers in that actually had nothing to do with understanding the real and very traumatic event? Only later do you realize there are actual people who’ve lived through similar events, and only once that happens does a sense of remorse wash over you for being entertained by it.

800x400 joey and rachel friends article
Elite Daily

8 TV Friendships That Should Have Stayed Platonic

Television shows are full of quirky friendships that blossom into lasting relationships and prosperous marriages. But there are so many TV show friendships that tried on a “relationship” title and failed pretty hard.

Girl on train1 800x400 article
Elite Daily

7 Reasons Why 'The Girl On The Train' Is Not Another 'Gone Girl'

If you enjoyed the mind-twist of following Amy Dunn from sweet and innocent housewife to absolute sociopath, you will appreciate the ups and downs and growing questions that arise as you watch Rachel struggle to recall her memory of the night a local girl went missing.