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I enjoy writing on topics of life, relationships, career, entertainment, stigmas, and pet peeves.

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How a cat helped me realize that adopting children won't be easy

The way that my husband and I have chosen to have our children is a little different than the way that most people go about it. We don’t want to have any biological children. We only want to foster and adopt our children.

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I embraced a natural makeup look and it turned out to be a really ...

But when I saw woman after woman on the streets of LA with flawless skin, stunning lipstick, and luscious, smoky eyeshadow, I got really self-conscious about how little makeup I was using. Was it enough? Should I be using more?

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Why Thanksgiving is the best holiday for nurturing your friendships

Thanksgiving is a holiday that, growing up, you probably spent with your family. Family time can be a wonderful thing, but for those of us who occasionally spend Thanksgiving Day avoiding our nosy aunt’s intrusive questions about our career and love life, a nontraditional Thanksgiving can be the perfect holiday.

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What I learned about friendship and bravery when I re-watched Grey's Anatomy

Recently, I decided to go through the show again, and I was so surprised by how much more deeply it resonated with me the second time around — everything from Meredith’s struggle with her past, to her attempt to find her own identity, to the characters’ relationships.

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Why talking to your partner about your exes can be a good thing

Sometimes you or your partner may need to understand certain details. Other times, it’s healthier just to remain in the dark.

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Why one woman's Facebook status perfectly sums up catcalling

When I was a teenager in rural Michigan, which is where I grew up, I drove to the grocery store late at night to get cold medicine. I parked next to a minivan, and there was a man standing next to the van’s sliding side door. I figured it was just a dad helping his kids into the van.

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6 reasons why Emma Watson is my role model

And if we thought the fictional character Emma played was our ideal example of being a girl, the real person is somehow even better.

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I realized I needed therapy when time wasn't enough

Time heals a lot of wounds, but time cannot heal all wounds.

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Why I'm not rushing into motherhood

We look forward to being parents, but we are aware that where we are in life right now, being together without kids, is a rare and special time.

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6 reasons why I'm glad I married someone similar to me

When you are with someone who is similar to you, you can still challenge each other, but it doesn’t have to be a confrontational thing.

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Why it's sometimes okay to leave a "good" job in search of something better

If you are anything like me, you may have had one awful professional experience in your career that left you questioning everything about yourself and your skill set.

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Why I think intense, passionate love is actually kind of the worst

It was like I was afraid that shining a light on it might make it disappear, that one wrong move might forever weigh it down and make it like my past relationship.

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Please stop telling me that I got married too young

I was talking to someone the other day when I mentioned my husband, which instantly ensued raised eyebrows and the following questions: “You’re married? How old are you?!”