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Leslie Tulip

Freelance Writer + Editor

I enjoy writing on topics of life, relationships, career, entertainment, stigmas, and pet peeves.

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Featured what i didnt expect from watching 22wonder woman22 1 1 e1497565995440 article
Darling Magazine

What I Didn't Expect From Watching 'Wonder Woman'

On its opening weekend my husband and I went to the theaters to see “Wonder Woman.” We had heard good things and were excited to see the film for ourselves. The reviews were right — we loved the movie. But I also experienced something I wasn’t expecting at all.

Featured finding strength in weakness darling1 1300x867 article
Darling Magazine

What It Means to Find Strength in Weakness

Strength can be quiet not because you’re stoic, but because you’re thinking, empathizing and trying to repair a tough situation, not just endure it.

Featured personal questions darling 1300x867 article
Darling Magazine

How to Answer Those Questions You're Bound to Be Asked

Being home for the holidays can be a wonderful chance to catch up with family and old friends. But for a lot of people, it’s also a time when we’re expected to open up – maybe more than we really want to – to distant relatives whose well-meaning questions strike just the wrong nerve.

Featured breakup wisdom darling 1280x853 article
Darling Magazine

Dear Broken Heart, You Will Survive

There are no perfect guidelines to navigating the fallout from failed relationships. Relationships are a bunch of trial and error to begin with, so we shouldn’t expect them to be any easier when they end.

Featured ways to calm your nerves when interviewing for a job darling article
Darling Magazine

The Best Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before That Big Interview

Interviewing for a job has a way of setting your nerves on edge. It is, after all, a very vulnerable experience. You’re called in to sit before someone as they critically examine your work and character with off-the-cuff questions you have to give perfect answers to.

Featured how to make peace with others perception of you darling article
Darling Magazine

How to Make Peace With Others’ False Perception of You

After all, not everyone will like everyone. Just because someone doesn’t particularly like you on a personal level doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person.

Featured please stop hating that photo of yourself darling copy 1300x867 article
Darling Magazine

Please Stop "Hating That Photo" of Yourself

In a time when anyone can have their phone at the ready and take a less-than-flattering photo of you, it’s important to know that those quick phone snapshots aren’t always (and aren’t usually) an accurate depiction of yourself.

Featured self care it isnt just a trend darling article
Darling Magazine

Self-Care: Why It Isn’t Just a Trend

Self-care is more than just taking time for yourself; it’s about knowing yourself. Knowing when you are being strained mentally and emotionally, and seeing that you can intentionally step back to replenish yourself.

Stuck in career darling 2 copy article
Darling Magazine

What to Do When You Feel Stuck in Your Career

Reaching a point where you feel stuck in your career can be very discouraging. It’s important you know when you’re ready to move up the ladder and why you should make the move up.

What to tell yourself when you want to forget your past darling article
Darling Magazine

What to Tell Yourself When You Want to Forget Your Past

We miss so much growth when we overlook where we’ve come from and the journey each one of us has taken to arrive at our present position.

Why you could be better off alone darling 1280x864 article
Darling Magazine

Why You Could Be Better Off Alone

Why is it always presumed that people don’t want to be doing things alone?

How to stay soft in a world that sees it as weak darling2 article
Darling Magazine

How to Stay Soft in a World That Sees It As Weak

In my growing experience in the business world, I have found a recurring theme. There is very little patience or tolerance for people to be soft.